Thursday, March 24, 2011

No FHR (fetal heart rate) heard

During my pregnancy I like many mums to be was a part of a support forum. These ladies are all a very special part of my life and my journey with Yasminah. I shared my deepest thoughts and feelings with them and talked about the highs and lows of the pregnancy. I thought I would include a post I wrote around the last time I felt Yasminah move approx 1pm-2pm Tuesday 24th March 2009.

Hello , logging in quickly on an internet kiosk I have discovered at the hospital. I was re-admitted last night after being here for almost 3 hours for my regular CTG scan - my regular Dr wasnt on duty and the registrar on duty didnt want me to go back home because the CTG wasnt looking as good as it has previously done. This morning I had another CTG and there were a few dips in her heart rate - but again my Dr isnt on today and they couldnt get in touch with him, so tomorrow I will be able to talk to him to see where we go from here! The fluid has also gone up dramatically and it is harder for me to feel her movements and for them to locate her heart beat for the CTG monitoring.

I really miss my DS and DH kept asking if he could take me back home last night poor thing - but at least I got the chance to cook up some meals for him and store in the freezer to save him cooking and save money and time so he can eat pretty much when he gets home, then come visit me - even if it is for only an hour each night.

So hopefully the next post will be to let you know that we have had our bubs or at least what the plan is.

Thanks again to all of you in my SS family - it means alot to know I have support from you and your thoughts and prayers.

Love Bec x x

24th March 2009

18:20 hours

Rebecca called after having dinner. Reports no fetal movements since 1300-1400 hours today. Sate wiht her and palpated abdo 15 minutes > no fetal movements. Encouraged ice h20. FHR attemepted to ausoulate and doppler for 15 minutes . nothing heard, asked RM to ausoulate > no FHR heard for 60 seconds. Reg asked to scan and locate FHR. Rebecca worried. Reg Dr........ in scanning

24th March 2009

18:50 hours

G2P1 (Gestation 2, Pregnancy 1)
37+2/40 Fetal anomoly No fetal movement felt since 1-2pm MW (midwife) ausoulated fetal heart unable to hear fetal heart by doppler
Check FH on US
Beside USS > no FH seen, no fetal movement seen
D/W Dr........ re: plan
Ok to go home tonight if she wishes and a formal USS tomorrow and discuss options
Will discuss with husband

24th March 2009

1940 hours

Beside US as above notes. No fetal heart rate located. Husband has arrived, has d/w Rebecca if wants to home and come back tomorrow for formal USS. D/C script for panandeine forte and temazepam written up if pain overnight

24th March 2009

2000 hours

Rebecca and husband had no further questions for reg. Will come back to DAU in the AM to speak to Dr.......... reg re plan as per Dr......... Script given for pain relief. Instructed to call birth unit overnight if contracting/SROM (sudden rupture of membranes) / concerns. Has left ward in care of husband

addit 2030 hours

Offered social work upon d/c and after US. Declined @ this stage, informed service available if changes her mind


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