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From the moment my daughter passed away I made the decision to break the silence, speak about my daughter and share my experience with others in the hope that they wouldn't feel alone.

Grief is such a lonely road. Unless someone has experienced the depth of losing a child they could never possibly understand and even then, everyone’s experience is different and personal to each individual and family.

Today I continue to break the silence, speak my daughter Yasminah’s name and share my personal experiences. I will not be silenced.  I will not let another person’s actions define my future. 

I planned to return from my leave of absence as President of Yasminah's Gift Of Hope but my position became untenable. Last week I have formally advised the NSW Office Of Fair Trading that I have not been involved in any operational capacity for Yasminah's Gift Of Hope since the 23rd November 2013. As of Friday 21st February 2014 I'm no longer the Public Officer. After seeking legal and regulatory advice from this moment forward I will have no further affiliation with Yasminah's Gift Of Hope.

During my absence I have continued to personally offer support to families and was honoured to help deliver two important resources with some very special people for care givers and families to utilise at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital NICU and Westmead Public Hospital NICU.

Lynette Grech and myself delivering the first CuddleTIME Cold Cot to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital NICU Bereavement Room in loving memory of Lynette's son Bodhi Grech. 
Both pregnant with our rainbow babies due a few weeks apart.
Lynette and myself would like to express our deepest gratitude and support to the individuals, families and companies that supported this special gift of time to bereaved families. 
Twin Crib donated in honour of Aisha and Aaliyah Aziz and Isabella and Olivia Ribera 

Little cuties Axel and Ryley Maloney seen her trialing the new cot for the first time!

The beautiful letter I personally received from Westmead Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after my family, along with Nicole and her family delivered the first twin crib the unit has in late November 2013. Together Nicole and I collectively raised $2500 to purchase the Twin Crib in honour of our own twin daughters Aisha and Aaliyah and Isabella and Olivia who were all born prematurely and spent time at Westmead NICU.  

During my involvement over the past 4 years with Yasminah's Gift Of Hope I have been honoured and humbled to receive generous acknowledgements for the support the organisation and it's outstanding volunteers provided including 

  • CHILD of the Year Award for Raising Limb Deficiency Awareness
  • Bernardos Mother of The Year Nomination 2011
  • Australian of the Year Nomination 2011
  • Campbelltown City Council International Women's Day Certificate of Appreciation 2012
  • First Runner Up Lil' Aussie Prems Foundation Premmie Hero Award 2013

I'm so very grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to share my own personal story several times and help raise awareness alongside the dedicated volunteers via the media including

I have also been actively involved with the National Premmie Foundation since May 2011. In that time I have progressed from a general committee member to my current role as the Vice President. During my tenure I have 

  • Represented the National Premmie Foundation and each of the member groups including Yasminah's Gift Of Hope at it's first NSW Baby and Children's Expo
  • Organised Questacon as the first building to light up purple as part of World Prematurity Day for 2012 and subsequent years
  • Established several connections within the media for the National Premmie Foundation and the member groups including radio interviews with SWR FM and publications in Cosmopolitan Pregnancy 

My passion and dedication to raising awareness and providing support to families who have experienced the premature birth or loss of their child has been unwavering. 

I'm extremely proud of the accomplishments of each and every volunteer past and present and the difference that they have made to the lives of many. It has always been a team effort. It's been an absolute honour to work alongside so many passionate members of the community all with the common goal to offer support and make a difference no matter how small. Majority of the volunteers have personally experienced or been touched by pregnancy loss or premature birth. We are all in different places, emotions, seasons, grieving processes, but our hearts were always united to help make this time a little easier for those who are newly bereaved or experiencing the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or Special Care Nursery. 

Just like the wings of a butterfly cause a ripple in the world, your love, support and commitment has not gone unnoticed and will always, always be remembered. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for dedicating your time, sharing your love and sharing your own personal experiences. 

These are the moments I will remember with love in my heart and tears in my eyes as I end this chapter and embark on a new journey of grief....

Yasminah's 2nd Birthday we held a butterfly release to meet the families we had supported in our first 9 months and send our love to heaven... 

Yasminah's 2nd Birthday Butterfly Release 

The first journals I had personally designed and we provided to bereaved and premmie families featured in the Mother's Day Tribute video

The amazing Annual Scrap For Yaz events held over the past 4 years, including the support from SIDS and Kids QLD. 

Delivering gifts to sick and premature infants in memory of my beautiful friend Erin Carmody's ( Former Vice President ) little boy Aiden for the Annual NICU Christmas Appeal 

My personal highlight would be the Yasminah's Gift Of Hope Butterfly Garden Ball. It was a beautiful, emotional evening where we honoured and remembered many of the babies we have lost and the babies born too soon. 


My sincere gratitude and love must also go out to our two incredible ambassadors Haley Bracken and Oscar Chavez. Their personal support, and willingness to open their hearts sharing their own journey's in an effort to help other families is to be commended. 

None of the past 4 years would of ever have been possible without the love, support and encouragement of so many special people. I will always remember your contributions, the letters, the cards, the gifts you lovingly sent me on Yasminah's birthday and your loyal friendship and support. I feel eternally blessed to have shared so many beautiful moments and memories with some truly special people. It's been an honour helping in a small way to make sure that our babies are acknowledged, remembered and loved for a lifetime. 

To my little girl Yasminah, my love for you will always remain, forever and always my baby girl you will be. 

Sending hope, light, love and happiness

Bec x

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