Thursday, June 2, 2011

Intrinsic - Adele Basheer

We are always appealing to businesses in the community to ask for their support and to help us provide families with a Gift Of Hope. We have an amazing team of volunteers who are a valuable contribution to YGOH and help us spread awareness and build support for our organisation.

Recently one of our volunteers Kylie, who has previously been successful in gaining support and donations of supplies for our journals, received the most heart warming gift to help us on our journey.

Some of you 'scrappers' may be aware of Adele Basheer and her inspiring line of stationary and scrapbook supplies. We were extrememly grateful for their generosity. We received 5 packs of 4 different designs of 12 x 12 Scrapbook paper that we use to decorate our Journals. Along with 5 different packs of stips with inspiring messages and words. Adele and the team and intrinsic were also very thoughtful by including 11 cards from their range.

Also included was a lovely card, personally written to the team at YGOH with this small inspirational quote. And you all know how much I LOVE quotes!

Dear Kylie and all Yasminah's Gift Of Love,

We admire and congratulate you on the beautiful work and support network you offer to others. Your website and Facebook page clearly displays that you are there for those in need and certainly generates a warm feeling and supports what you offer...Hope, Love, Light and Happiness.
We're thrilled that you have taken the time to reach out to us for help and are very pleased to enclose scrapbooking papers to use on your wonderful books.
At intrinsic we all share a common thread to make a difference in people's help them learn and grow. Our Website one way of making a deeper connection, with Adele and many others offering their words of wisdom and hope. Of course our gorgeous freebies are very welcomed each month too, so please keep in touch!
With love and light, Trish, Adele, Jamie and all the team

For me personally this was a truly touching gift as my children's journals are from the intrinsic range. Including Yasminah's pregnancy journal.

My husband purchased these journals for me when we finally fell pregnant with our first child on the 25th October 2006 after a long battle trying to conceive. The idea was that I would use one journal for each tri-mester of my pregnancy. But I only managed to fill one journal; Cherish, with my journey through my first pregnancy. We then decided that we would keep the other journals and I would use them for future pregnancies. Not knowing then just how important Yasminah's pregnancy journal would become. I love how pretty these journals are and how they inspired me to write. Inside the journal Adele writes :

A journal should be written on pages within a cover that inspires your soul.It should be beautiful to you because your life contains beauty. It should feel precious to you because your life is precious. Your journal will become a friend for life and within its pages you will find greater insight, awareness and wisdom to encourage you on your lifes path Love Adele

I would personally like to thank Adele, Trish, Jamie and the team at Intrinsic on behalf of Yasminah's Gift Of Hope, for all their support and generosity. We have distributed your lovely donations to our volunteers to help them, help us decorate our Gift Of Hope Journals.

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