Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The days that would change my life forever

Two years ago today I was readmitted into hospital awaiting the birth of my second child. This was the second time I was admitted during my pregnancy. I was in hospital for 2 weeks before I was allowed to go home because I lived close enough to the hospital that 'if' anything were to happen it wouldn't take me long to get there. I had to return each day for CTG's and kick counts. I was at home for 5 days before being readmitted for the final time, the night before my daughter passed away in utero.

I recently felt ready to read my medical records and applied to have them released to me. There were over 160 pages. I picked these up from the medical records department yesterday with my daughters in tow. It felt so surreal to be handed the paperwork and place it into my bag hanging on the back of the pram. I wanted to rip it open and read it straight away but I knew I needed to be sitting down at home and take in the information in a place where I could cry if I needed to. These are the events leading up to the passing of my daughter Yasminah Ann Aziz

22nd March 2009 37 Weeks Pregnant

15:00 hours

Presented to DAU @ 13:00 hrs for routine CTG for monitoring of baby with multiple abnormalities. Rebecca noted to have increased hydramnios (amniotic fluid) today compared to previous days. Increased tone. Experienced painful lightening's last night approx 1:10am but did not call BU (birth unit). Now frequent uterine activity causing more discomfort than previous day. CTG nil - reduced variability and reduced reactivity. Very active baby. Normal FHR (fetal heart rate) baseline Occasional small variable decels (decelerations - basically a drop in her heart rate) with quick return to baseline. Reg paged to review after 2 hours of monitoring. CTG ceased for maternal comfort

15:45 hours

Reg will review

16:35 hours

Reg paged to review

16:40 hours

Reviewed by Dr (left out for privacy) Continue daily CTG's.
US (ultrasound) booked for Wednesday

Edited to add after reviewing my notes last night that the DAU notes and CTG's from the morning of the 23rd March are missing from my file. There is a note from the 22nd March and when you turn over the page it is blank. All of the pages in my file are double sided except this one. Why are the CTg's missing? Why is this page blank? What do the notes from that date say? I will be contacting the hospital to request these notes and find out why they weren't included in my original request. They are important considering this was less than 24 hours before my daughter passed away. Below is the next recorded note from the 23rd March

23rd March 2009 37 weeks 1 day pregnant

23:35 hours

Rebecca admitted from home after DAU (day assessment unit) visit today. Re-orientated to ward and nurse call buzzer. Repeat CTG trace, attended FHR Baseline 140-144 Variability <>15bpm Nil decelerations. Having a few tightening Good FMF (fetal movement felt) Rebecca reports that AFI has increased

Then the day my life changed forever...............................

24th March 2009 37 weeks and 2 days Pregnant

05:10 hours

Settled and sleeping on all rounds Nil concerns raised

09:10 hours - This was written by the Fellow Reg on duty - take note

Baby moving well but finding it harder to feel smaller movements as polyhydramnios has increased.
CTG reviewed - Absent Variability. No accelerations Plan - Continue CTG
Lots of FM audibly heard
Plan: (1) We will d/w Dr (my obstetrician)
(2) Continue CTG

09:40 hours - This was written by my Midwife

ANC attended pt afebrile and normatensive NIL PV loss. Occasional mild tightening CTG attended FHR base line 135-140bpm Reactive 10-15bpm variable 2-5 bpm
Noted Variable decelerations trace seen by reg Dr....... and Dr........ Trace signed off and happy to stop the trace
FHR present and felt

Copies of the CTG traces are also included in the records as requested. The 24th shows several decelerations and loss of fhr put down to LOC (loss of contact) It also shows several strong contractions.

I am no medical expert but reading back through my entire records, I believe that I may have been in the early stages of labour on the 23rd March and that the hive of activity was my baby girl in distress. It is very interesting that the Dr and the Midwife have different versions of events regarding decelerations and accelerations and there is a 30 minute gap between notes. I had never had ANY decelerations during my entire hospital visit until this day! It is also interesting to note that my concerns about these decelerations that I raised with all staff present were not recorded. I was always told by my obstetrician that IF there were ANY decelerations this would be a reason to move forward her scheduled delivery. It was originally planned I would deliver at 37 weeks then I was told my baby was doing well and we could wait another week. My Dr was unable to be reached as he was delivering another baby at a private hospital.

I last felt my daughter kick sometime after lunch. I remember it so clearly because it was a really big strong kick! The last one I was to feel. I had a feeling something was wrong then as it wasn't 'normal'. But didn't want to bother the staff as I had been told only hours earlier that everything was looking good and we would stick to the planned date for later in the week.

I will continue this tomorrow the day Yasminah passed away in utero

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  1. :-( I imagine this would be very difficult to write about. It isnt easy reading over the records. I hope you are doing okay xxxx