Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gift Of Hope Giveaway

Considering this month is Yasminah's Birth Month, I have decided to give the birthday presents to you, a Gift Of Hope for our loyal and supportive fans. You have helped get YGOH where it is today and also given me so much personal support that I would like to give you something to show how grateful I am for your support and friendship.

Because it is coming up to Yasminah's 2nd Birthday/Angelversary I will be giving away 2 prizes.

First prize will be a Custom Made Gift Of Hope - including a personalised journal, and the runner up will have a butterfly released in honour of their loved one at our Yasminah's 2nd Birthday Family Butterfly Release on Saturday 26th March

If you would like to enter this giveaway you have 3 chances to win. Please leave a comment here on the blog with your loved ones name, or you can leave a comment on our main facebook page or our facebook auction page.

Winners will be chosen by random.

Good luck and thank you for your continued support!


  1. Thank you for everything you do. I'm sure your daughter is looking down on you from heaven saying how very proud of her mommy & daddy & I know when your twin girls get older they will say the same thing. You have done a wonderful thing getting this organization started in her honor in order to help other families that have suffered the baby losses. I would love to win one of Yasminah's birthday presents in honor of my own Angel baby who we lost at 12 weeks gestation b/c I had pneumonia & my body had fought two long months & couldn't hold onto to my baby any longer. I almost lost my own life, b/c of the pneumonia, & would have left my daughter, who was only six months old at the time, without a mommy so God chose to take our Angel baby in order to save me. I would love to have this gift b/c we got nothing from our hospital when I lost my baby. I spent an entire month in the hospital fighting for life, after I lost my baby & nobody did anything to try & ease the pain I was going through, the only thing they did was make me take drugs to put myself into a drugs stupor to, I guess, ease the pain the only way they knew how. So, this gift would mean the world to me.
    Thank You,
    Stephanie & Angel Baby Barks(Lost, but never forgotten, on October 12, 2009)

  2. what a beautiful gift <3 today is my dear Genesis birthday. Remembering both our babies today.

  3. Since both of you were the only ones who commented you will both receive a Gift Of Hope, I also released butterflies in memory of both your babies <3 at Yasminah's 2nd Birthday Family Butterfly Release last Saturday. Please comment on the YGOH facebook page or email me through our website www.ygoh.org.au