Friday, October 22, 2010

Yasminah's Complete Gift Of Hope finally a reality

Another exciting bit of news to share with you all that I have been personally working on for the last 19 months. We have always been called Yasminah's Gift Of Hope because it was always the intention that we would provide a complete 'Gift Of Hope' to families after the premature birth or loss of their child.

When Yasminah was born sleeping one thing that stuck with me when I was staying in the maternity ward was the lady who hands out the Bounty Bags walking straight past my room. I had received one of these bags when our first child was born. It was filled with goodies to celebrate the arrival of my child and my new journey as a parent. But now that my baby was born sleeping I wasn't entitled to one, I was already leaving the hospital empty handed without my child and no one seemed to care that we had lost our child our greatest gift. So I began writing down my ideas on developing a similar 'Gift' like the Bounty Bags but for parents who like me lost their child. We deserve to be heard, to be acknowledged, to know that someone cares about our situation, can understand what we are going through and to be given keepsakes to help assist us in creating memories and help us to heal.

Then I fell pregnant with our now 10 month old twins, so life took a different direction for a little while. Until once again I was in hospital facing a life and death moment with my twins born over 8 weeks premature. It was after this that the journals were born and added into the dream of Yasminah's Gift Of Hope

Whilst I have been very busy working on decorating the journals and supplying the hospitals, I have been working very hard behind the scenes along with our committee on our bigger dream. Our 'Complete Gift Of Hope' Over the past few months it has taken a few different directions, obtained many quotes for the inclusions, we have collaborated with other organisations, businesses and have listened to what families have expressed they felt was missing when they lost their child. Many like myself expressed that they did not have enough memories, keepsakes, photos and felt as though they were alone in their grief. We have listened and created something so very special that we hope will bring some comfort to families

Earlier this week we delivered our very first box of our complete 'Gift Of Hope' to Westmead Hospital.

Every 'Gift Of Hope' will contain our unique hand decorated journal, a bookmark, a pen, a baby blanket, a handmade candle to light on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day October 15th, personal care products for the mother like sanitary pads and breast pads, pamper products like lip balm, shampoo, a unique Yasminah's Gift Of Hope butterfly soap, a beautiful single wooden flower, a block of chocolate, and thanks to our wonderful sponsors Redballoon a $30 voucher for the parents to have a bit of hope and something to look forward to. Most importantly that they have keepsakes of their child. We have contact details for the Australian Community of Childhood Photographers ACOCP so that parents can be placed in contact with a professional photographer who will take high quality photos of them and their child. Each 'Gift Of Hope' also includes a $20 Gift Voucher from Smallprint so that families can create a special keepsake. Each family can have their child's fingerprint, handprint or footprint captured as a beautiful keepsake.

Each 'Gift Of Hope' costs us a considerable amount to produce, we require your help to be able to continue to provide this to families. You might like to consider making a tax deductible donation, sponsoring a 'Gift Of Hope' for us to donate in memory of your own child or another child to a hospital, donating items to include in our gift like candles, blankets, pens, chocolate blocks, personal care products, lip balm, soap, or creating or purchasing a journal or bookmark.

Thank you to the team from RedBalloon especially Alice for your support for our organisation.

Thank you to all the Smallprint Franchisees who are supporting our program in NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, WA & NT and Head Office in the UK for making this happen.

Thank you to all the businesses many run by SAHP who have joined in our vision to ensure every family that experiences the miscarriage, premature birth, neonatal death or stillbirth of their child will not go home wth empty arms, that they will feel loved and know that there is support available. Whilst providing them with information that they can create lasting memories with their child, that there are no regrets.

We can not do this without your continued support. This is only the beginning for our organisation, we are already working closely with others to extend our 'Gift' and support families through one of the most heartbreaking times of their lives.

If you would like to donate please send any items to PO Box 17 Merrylands NSW 2160 or email

Wishing you all Hope, Light Love and Happiness

Bec ~Yasminah's Mummy~


  1. You have done a wonderful job to get this together.. well done... does the teddy come with it too??

  2. Thank you Kristie, at the moment we are working with another organisation who will be supplying Bears to be provided as a part of the gift.....

    The Bear pictured was donated to Yasminah's Gift Of Hope so we included it in our first delivery :-)