Monday, February 13, 2012


Everyone needs a bit of tender loving care and after the last couple of weeks I've had, I know I definetely need to give myself a bit of TLC.

Breast cancer affects women of all ages, so being breast aware should be very important to all women, including young women. Regular self-examination is an important part of your health checks.

Last week at the age of 31 I had a breast ultrascan done after discovering a change in my breasts. Most changes in the breast are not related to breast cancer, however my Doctor felt that my changes warranted further investigation. Thankfully I was given the all clear after returning the scan results to my Doctor, but not before a million and one thoughts running through my head about the 'what if's'.

Please be breast aware, if you know how your breasts normally look and feel you should be easily able to notice any changes to the shape and appearance of your breasts and nipples.

And here is a little something to make you rethink your breasts and give yourself some TLC ;-)


  1. SO glad you got the all clear. I've never seen that graphic before with the lemons, great way to explain it.

  2. Me too Jessica! It's a very clear way of explaining it, I just had to share it.