Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Happy List

Mamarazzi's from Our Dandelion Wishes hosts 'My Happy List' every Tuesday

My Happy List :)
This week Im happy I'm pain free, after being in absolute agony with impacted and infected Wisdom teeth last week ouch! Im happy I'm able to open my mouth to eat food, happy I can chew said food with all my teeth and happy I can talk without having shooting back going through my teeth and into my jaw. I cant express how happy I am that Im finally going to get my front tooth also fixed when my wisdom teeth are removed. It has really affected my life and overall self confidence and I feel it's time I do something about it. Im not sure I'll ever have the same pearly white smile I had before the accident but Im happy that I've made the first step to doing something about it. Certainly something to smile about :)

Im happy we have so many wonderful new volunteers coming on board to help with Yasminah's Gift Of Hope. It allows me and the other committee members and volunteers to spend more time with our families and not feel so overwhelmed with our intense workload. This makes me sooo incredible happy!!! It's also heartwarming to know that somewhere Yasminah is happy and hopefully proud of all the work we do in her memory.

Zach is really loving preschool and so are his younger sisters Aisha and Aaliyah. Zach is going 4 days a week and Aisha and Aaliyah go 2 days a week. It makes me so happy to see them developing their social, language, gross motor skills and reaching more milestones. They actually run away from us when we go to pick them up!


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