Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I watch you lay there so sweet and still,

in your beautiful dress, the only one you would ever wear.

Your thick black curly locks of hair,

hidden underneath your pure white beanie.

You just look like your are sleeping, eyelashes curled up so daintily,

Your cheeks are so soft and smooth,

I want to hold you forever, how can I let you go.

You have the cutest little button nose,

That I just cant stop kissing.

Pretty pink lips,

That will never take a breath.

I tenderly hold you in my arms,

Wondering why this had to happen.

I kiss your cute little button nose a thousand times,

I soak up your warmth, and whisper I love you gently in your ear.

As the tears fall down my face, I have to say goodbye.

Sweet dreams my beautiful girl, mummy will always love you.

Written by Rebecca Aziz in memory of Yasminah Ann Stillborn 26th March 2009