Monday, May 9, 2011

Thanks for the Inspiration

I get asked all the time, how I can do it? How do I give so much of myself to others and listen to stories of loss. I won't lie, it is often hard to surround myself with constant heartache. Learning that another family have had their hearts broken. Knowing exactly how they are feeling. Your heart feels heavy, you feel lost and out of control. It throws your world into complete chaos and despair. It can take me back to my own pain in an instant. I am right there beside them living the moment their world crashed down around them. I have cried a river of tears with and for many families. I can wear their shoes, I feel their pain, I know what it is like to lose a child or to have a child born premature being kept alive by machines fighting for their life!

But one word always give me encouragement to keep going, to keep giving, to keep fighting for awareness and support.


Every now and then I put up 'Inspirational Quotes' on the Facebook page as they bring me comfort and offer hope and inspiration in life. They are a shimmer of light in a dark world.

Mothers Day I received this beautiful email.

Just wanted to say thank you for helping inspire me how to remember our baby we lost through miscarriage today on Mothers Day. You had a lovely quote on your Facebook page a couple of months ago now, and I think at the time that I commented on it saying how it really struck a chord with me. Today I wrote that quote on a piece of paper and we placed a stone inside it and wrapped it with ribbon stood on the beachfront as a family (me, DH and our 2 year old daughter).

It was perfect, with the sun softly twinkling on the water we each held the small parcel, then my husband threw it into the water,right in front of the beachfront spot we often sit and have a picnic lunch. Today as Mothers Day would have been my due date for our 2nd baby, so our little ceremony was very important to me. Just wanted to say thanks again for the inspiration.

The quote was: "The soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears".

Take care, Names removed for privacy

To know that I have helped make a small difference in one family's life, by giving them inspiration to acknowledge and remember their child makes my heart smile. I am truly sorry for your loss send you lots of hope, light, love and happiness for the future.

But I really need to thank you for the inspiration. Every story of loss and heartache I read gives me inspiration to keep going, giving and fighting for awareness and support for a under acknowledged heartache experienced by 1 in 4 families every day. Thank you for sharing your own story of heartache and healing with me. I share my story and my thoughts with you, so you know you are not alone......there is always hope

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