Monday, April 29, 2013

Chore Chart

Zach our eldest thrives on routine and structure. Since starting school this year it has been a little bit of a struggle to get him to focus on some rather mundane day to day tasks like make his bed, brush his teeth and complete his homework. I had a go at creating my own chore chart but I wasn't happy with it, so reverted to searching the net for a downloadable chore chart that we could customise for each of the kids.
I found this really cool chore chart via Sutton Grace blog who found it via
Since downloading this chore chart our children have been more focussed and their behaviour has improved dramatically. Because it took me quite a while to find a chore chart that worked for our family I decided to help via sharing here too! I didn't create this chore chart and I'm not the first to share it but wanted to easily be able to find it, when we need to amend our chores as the kids grow.
Please click below to download the file. It is edit only so you won't be able to save any of the names or chores you type on the document but you can save a template of the file for later use.
Tip: on the left side of the screen under google docs there are two tabs: FILE and VIEW. Click on file and then select "download original". It will then download to your computer and should open in reader automatically (if you have adobe reader already installed on your computer).
I love how this teaches them how each child contributes to the family and also visually rewards them for positive behaviour and actions. Zach is only 5 (almost 6) and the twins Aisha and Aaliyah are 3, so the chores we have are very basic. We tend to focus on the little things we struggle to get them to achieve. My husband and I discussed about whether we pay them for the chores that they do. We think that Zach is old enough to understand the concept of money and we have already begun teaching him about earning, saving and spending money. We have followed Erin's example from Sutton Grace and are paying Zach $0.05 for each tick he gets at the end of the week. For Aisha and Aaliyah if they get mostly ticks we will reward them with some stickers or a special craft activity.

The Aziz Family Rules
be kind
be honest
ask once, ask nice
no yelling
no talking back
no whining or complaining
no hitting, punching or kicking
wash hands after using the toilet
respect others, respect yourselves and respect your family and friends
use our manners - please, thank you, no thank you, you're welcome and excuse me
get dressed
brush teeth
make bed
eat our breakfast
get ready for school
put our shoes on
put our shoes in the laundry
complete homework or have quiet time
wash our hands ready to eat
eat all our dinner
take our plates & cups to the sink
put dirty clothes in the basket
have a shower
brush teeth
get dressed in pajamas
hang up towel
quiet time and ready for bed
no whining or crying
kiss, hug and say goodnight to everyone
Another method we have been using is a behaviour chart I found on Pinterest. You can print it out, laminate it and cut it up. I placed some double sided Velcro on the back of each one and place the appropriate one on the bottom of each children's chore chart. Zach loves this!! Just need to find a Dora or Barbie themed one for the girls, but for the moment we are using the superheros for them too.   
I'd love to hear from you if this works for you too, or if you have any secrets you'd like to share.


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  1. Hi! Thanks for the Twitter follow :) my boy isnt at the stage to following rules just yet. The only rule I have is 'do what I say!'. Not really working just yet :)