Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zach's Cooking Lessons Begin!

You need to teach them young....this is my thought with kids on cooking and well most things - manners, hygiene, eating, languages the list goes on and on.

So today in-between settling two tired little girls after their mid-morning feed I attempted my very first cooking lesson with Zach. We were going to bake a cake or cakee as Zach calls them LOL

We dressed up in our aprons and prepared to get messy. I got all the ingredients out to make my very own 5 cup cake recipe - a personal favourite that I picked up from one of my favourite Internet sites

Here is the recipe

1 Cup of Self Raising Flour
1 Cup of Brown Sugar
1 Cup of Dessicated Coconut
1 Cup of Milk
and simple add any other 'cup' of you're choice

Our personal favourite is Chocolate Chips & Cocoa Powder or today we added hundred's and thousands

Zach really enjoyed it and loved adding each cup and stirring the bowl with all the ingredients in it.

We poured all the ingredients into our butterfly cake mould. A cake mould I originally purchased when I was pregnant with Yasminah thinking we could use it to make her 1st Birthday cake. Not knowing how things would change and that she wouldn't be here to eat that cake with us. So instead of throwing it away I have kept it in the cupboard to do what I originally intended to do with it - bake Yasminah's 1st Birthday cake in it. So today was a trial run - it didn't go too well but we will perfect it next week when it is actually Yasminah's 1st Birthday.......

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