Thursday, February 14, 2013

How do I love thee?

There is something magical about having one person in your life who knows you in more ways than you can possibly even realize. Today is Valentines Day and personally my husband and I don't normally 'mark' the occasion. My husband once said "Every day is Valentines Day with you". Now if you know my husband, you will know that he is a very funny man and will do and say anything to make you smile, laugh and cry uncontrollably.  Although in all honesty he really does mean it. We tell each other we love one another every single day. We also make a point to tell our children just how much they mean to us and smoother them in kisses every chance we get. We don't need one day to declare our love for the people who enrich our lives.

We have been together just over 14 years and experienced many different emotions and life changing events that have made us a stronger couple. I would have never imagined the love I would feel and connection to this man 14 years ago when I first met him at a job interview. We both got hired for the same job and the rest is history! Sure there are times when it isn't all sunshine and roses, but that's why we work so well, because we always remember not to sweat the small stuff and appreciate the beautiful gift of friendship and value the love we share.

I love to write and during our 'courtship' we sent many text messages back and fourth proclaiming our love for each other and basically sharing every detail of our lives when we weren't together! About a week after we started dating I began writing down all the text messages into a little journal. I kept these going for almost an entire year! I still have them today and have been reading through some of them tonight. Some of the things made me laugh, we were so young when we met and head over heels in love. Then there are messages that just melt my heart!

The Wonderful Gift Of You
I love you for so many things -
The joy that being with you brings,
The peace that fills the life we share,
Your patience and your tender care,
The kindness of your gentle heart,
Your faithfulness when were apart,
The goodness of the things you do -
And I thank God for the gift of you!

I love you for so many reasons and everyday I thank God for the wonderful gift of you!
14 years on and we still feel the same way about each other. My grandmother asked me when we first started dating if I 'liked' him. She said she already knew I loved him but if I didn't like him it wouldn't work. Thank God I like him ;-)

Happy Valentines Day to my gorgeous husband, my wonderful children and all my wonderful, supportive, loving friends and family. xx

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