Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pay it forward

Good evening, Bec here :-) so you may have noticed I have had some time off. I needed to take time out to grieve after Yasminahs 2nd birthday, recharge & reassess to heal & continue moving forward on this journey. The butterfly release was an emotional day. It was very peaceful & so nice to share it with some truly beautiful people, but the days that followed were very hard. I find it hard as the weather seems to follow my mood as we head into winter.

Some days are harder than others but with the love & support of those around me I can get through anything. I have simply the most amazing husband who really brings me back to reality when I need it, and very supportive kind & caring friends. Thank you all for your messages of love & support it really means alot to me. At the end of the day I am just like you a woman, a friend, a wife & a mum. I just miss my daughter & don't want her death to mean nothing, I want to help others who face this heartache as no one can understand your pain more than another who has been through it and 'gets it'! 

Tonight I have been watching a personal favourite the movie Pay it forward & it got me thinking (Which is always dangerous lol) seriously though, it is an amazing concept help 3 people & ask them to do the same - pay it forward. Help change someones life. 

I challenge you to Pay it forward to just one person this month but I have one condition - it must bring or provide hope, light, love or happiness to that person. It could be a complete stranger, a neighbour, a friend or a relative.  

Most people won't do this but for the few that will I would love to hear your act of hope light love or happiness. What will you do? 

I will share my idea for paying it forward tomorrow ;-)

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  1. I didnt get time to come back and write about my Pay It Forward project. So I will just add it here :)

    I like to think that I 'Pay it forward' everyday with all the love and support and gifts of hope I provide to others on a daily basis. But I always want to do more, I am naturally a giver.

    My 'Pay It Forward' project is simple. My son goes to pre-school 3 days a week and during those 3 days is in the care of beautiful people who 'fill' in for me as mum. They do everything I would normally do for him if he was with me at home. So what I am going to do is to take some special pamper packs to the ladies at his preschool for Mothers Day - most of them aren't mothers but they adore all these children and deserve to be recognised for all their hard work. I will be making up the care packages this week and will do a blogpost with photos when I deliver them just before Mothers Day :)